Sunday, 30 December 2012

Katy Perry <3

I am going to add some Lyrics of my Favorite Songs of Katy Perry, My favorite Singer! Here are some Pics:


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Destination Calabria HD

My Dear Bloggers, 
                              My new Blog Destination CalabriaHD , Is for all my recipes, Incase you read this post, Spread the Word Please! I have had only like 62 views in Calabria , Where as I have had 114 views In La Di Da Land , Recipes I post are Fool proof , Once you attemt my recipes pls comment on how they Turned Out:)
                                                             Keep Blogging!
                                                                              Dhruvi Khandelwal :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Stress Free!

Candy Hearts
                         All of you! You have got an enough of overdose till now! Come on kill your stress with these pills okay?

Laugh pill :
This video is fit to make you laugh and roll on the floor!

Yoga Pill:
Be fat free!

Bore Kill Pill:

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Welcome To '' The La Di Da Land ''

Hello! I am quite excited as this is my First Blog! Well, I expect a few things in my Blog's future content.
1) A few picked recipes
2) Questions Answered
3) More people to join
4) A few comments
And lots more.
Since I am just a kid, I have just started cooking(well not just started, I have been cooking since 4 years) Anyway, Away from the mumbling, This blog is for all my friends, classmates, family etc. And strangers too! I strictly am warning you that I don't like ANY , To be precise ANY one commenting about others. I don't respect people to do that. Well, I do all sorts of things everyday.
 You can come to me with situations, questions, Recipe Requests anything for you all! Okay?
Well, I am an animal lover too! Please if any of you have some cute pics of your animal or any animal! Please do send it to me!
To reach me, You can contact this E mail: , Ant doubts or Questions, Comments.. etc Send it to my Email.